Monday, January 21, 2008

How to make Adorable Cupcake Earrings

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this video tutorial on how to make these super cute cupcake earrings.
For supplies you will need some sculpey (or other polymer clay). I use white sculpey and then paint it when I'm done, but you could use colored sculpey if you wanted. You will also need earring findings, and some superglue.

After baking your earrings put a little bit of superglue on the finding to keep it stuck in. If you paint your earrings remember to also seal them somehow to keep the paint from chipping.

I would love to see photos of things people make following my tutorials!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How To Turn a Squirt Gun into a Cool Prop

Project Level: 2 (requires minimal painting skills)

This is a fun project that only takes an hour or two (mostly paint drying time). It is pretty inexpensive. You need a plastic toy squirt gun and these supplies:

Supplies: squirt gun, sand paper, silver acrylic paint, black spray enamel, clear gloss, Krylon Fusion hammered finish.

The first step is to sand any imperfections off your squirt gun (we sanded the "made in china" off of ours). The sanding will also give your paint a better surface to stick to. The Krylon Fusion paint was special for plastic and so we didn't actually need to sand the guns.

Then you spray paint the gun with a base coat of the Krylon spray paint. Try to spray evenly in big strokes to prevent the build up of spray paint.

After the first coat of paint is dry you can start adding details with the other paint colors.

I added some resistors and microchips using some sculpey to hide the "splash" logo on mine, and also added blood spatters. Try brushing around the edges and handle of the gun lightly with a copper or gold color to make it look worn.

Yay, awesome guns!

Monday, January 14, 2008

How To Make and Wear Wrap Pants

Project Level: n00b - if you have a sewing machine you can do this.

All my friends call these "comfy pants" because they are so comfortable. They are really easy to make (it takes about twenty minutes if you are using fabric that needs to be hemmed). You can use almost any kind of fabric you like, I prefer cotton but I've made them out of denim, synthetic-blends, strechy fabric, all kinds of fabrics.

Here are the basic instructions:

The hole that you cut out is for the crotch of the pants and should be about as big as your head. If you get it wrong and its too small, you can always cut more out and resew that seem. All the measurements are very forgiving.

Here's how to put this pair of pants on:

1. Grab an edge that has two of the ties, the seam should be in the middle
2. Wrap that edge around your waist and tie in the back.
3. Pull the rest of the fabric between your legs and up behind you. Grab the other edge with ties.
4. Wrap that side around and tie in front. yay!

If you didn't follow that maybe these instructions will help:

Enjoy your wrap pants!