Monday, January 21, 2008

How to make Adorable Cupcake Earrings

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this video tutorial on how to make these super cute cupcake earrings.
For supplies you will need some sculpey (or other polymer clay). I use white sculpey and then paint it when I'm done, but you could use colored sculpey if you wanted. You will also need earring findings, and some superglue.

After baking your earrings put a little bit of superglue on the finding to keep it stuck in. If you paint your earrings remember to also seal them somehow to keep the paint from chipping.

I would love to see photos of things people make following my tutorials!


VanGoghMyEar said...

I would like more of these fun sculpy tutorials please! =)

CountessLaurie said...

Very good tut! You make it look so easy...I might even have to try it :) Thanks for sharing!

Smile said...

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